Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sorry, but that 100 dollar bill in your wallet has no value.

Did you know that our money really has no value whatsoever? It's true. Take that dollar bill out of your pocket. See where it says "Federal Reserve Note"? In its place used to be the words "Gold Reserve" or "Silver Reserve". Back then, the dollar noted how much gold your note was worth and was backed by that amount in a bank somewhere. In recent times, our money is printed by The Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank that our nation lets print all of our money. Seeing as the federal government is bankrupt by the trillions, your dollar isn't backed by anything. Think of it as an IOU. Knowing this, some have discovered that if we do away with the Federal Reserve Bank and were to begin printing our own money, we would be completely out of debt in 10 years. Seems like an easy solution, right? Well, it would be if the Federal Reserve wasn't in so much power. There has been speculation that people who go against the Federal Reserve end up in an accident or mysteriously murdered. Their reach in political affairs is unknown. The Federal Reserve is shady business. What is very likely is that they pay off politicians to allow them to stay in power. If those in power are getting wealthy off of the Federal Reserve Bank, then nothing can easily be done to bring them down.

If immigration is illegal, shouldn't we all be deported?

One of the most talked about issues in our society today is immigration. It is illegal for someone who does not have citizenship with the United States to live here and damn hard for them to be able to gain citizenship. I have spoken to friends who have lived in this country since they were 3 months old who still have not been able to get their papers. Ask any immigrant and they will passionately tell you the reason they want to be in this country is so that they can learn and become intelligent and literate because their country does not offer them a chance at education. They are also willing to work the jobs that you would never want to have to do for less pay than you would demand so that they can stay here and earn their right to be here. How is that fair? We see the pilgrims immigrating to this land to seek religious freedom and separation from the British government as a noble and brave movement yet these people are kicked out and denied access to the land of the free? the melting pot? the land of the immigrants? Why not make it easier for these people to be integrated into our nation? We should work at building a place for them here so that they can come and learn and go back and teach their own people. Anyone willing to give up all they own to come here and earn a living and education for their family is worthy enough to call themselves an American in my book.

Why You Shouldn't Bother to Vote

You always hear people say how important voting is because "every vote counts" and "you could make the difference", but did you know that your vote has virtually no relevance to the actual decisions made in our government? We'll speak in terms of a presidential election for now. You would be inclined to believe that the majority wins and that the candidate with the most votes wins, right? Well, not exactly. What actually happens is your state representative reviews what you, the people, have decided and then HOPEFULLY votes for the people's choice. Then, that representative's vote goes into what is called an electoral college which is weighted by the population and other factors of that state. So, a candidate may have lost the people's vote and still win the election.

Basically, what is happening is the government is letting you think you have a say. They give you two corrupt and useless parties to which you must develop a preference and then give you the illusion of having a choice. People that have sided with one party or another are pitted against each other and distracted from the real issues at hand. We've given the Republicans and Democrats a go at running our nation and they have run us into the ground. When will we get back to the Land of the People? When will the people get their turn to speak?