Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If immigration is illegal, shouldn't we all be deported?

One of the most talked about issues in our society today is immigration. It is illegal for someone who does not have citizenship with the United States to live here and damn hard for them to be able to gain citizenship. I have spoken to friends who have lived in this country since they were 3 months old who still have not been able to get their papers. Ask any immigrant and they will passionately tell you the reason they want to be in this country is so that they can learn and become intelligent and literate because their country does not offer them a chance at education. They are also willing to work the jobs that you would never want to have to do for less pay than you would demand so that they can stay here and earn their right to be here. How is that fair? We see the pilgrims immigrating to this land to seek religious freedom and separation from the British government as a noble and brave movement yet these people are kicked out and denied access to the land of the free? the melting pot? the land of the immigrants? Why not make it easier for these people to be integrated into our nation? We should work at building a place for them here so that they can come and learn and go back and teach their own people. Anyone willing to give up all they own to come here and earn a living and education for their family is worthy enough to call themselves an American in my book.

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