Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sorry, but that 100 dollar bill in your wallet has no value.

Did you know that our money really has no value whatsoever? It's true. Take that dollar bill out of your pocket. See where it says "Federal Reserve Note"? In its place used to be the words "Gold Reserve" or "Silver Reserve". Back then, the dollar noted how much gold your note was worth and was backed by that amount in a bank somewhere. In recent times, our money is printed by The Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank that our nation lets print all of our money. Seeing as the federal government is bankrupt by the trillions, your dollar isn't backed by anything. Think of it as an IOU. Knowing this, some have discovered that if we do away with the Federal Reserve Bank and were to begin printing our own money, we would be completely out of debt in 10 years. Seems like an easy solution, right? Well, it would be if the Federal Reserve wasn't in so much power. There has been speculation that people who go against the Federal Reserve end up in an accident or mysteriously murdered. Their reach in political affairs is unknown. The Federal Reserve is shady business. What is very likely is that they pay off politicians to allow them to stay in power. If those in power are getting wealthy off of the Federal Reserve Bank, then nothing can easily be done to bring them down.

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